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Our operation

Many of the services at Manchester Heliport are subject to that of Manchester Barton Aerodrome.


Manchester Heliport operates as part of Manchester Barton Aerodrome. Our procedures safely integrate the Heliport operations with those using the Airport.

For full pilot briefing and procedures please see the Barton Aerodrome website.


Manchester Heliport operates as part of Manchester Barton Aerodrome. Live weather information is available from the dedicated ATIS page. 

Opening hours

Our core operating hours are coincident with Manchetster Barton Aerodrome. We are able to provide flexible extended operating hours (based on time of movement) at any time day or night with minimal notice providing availability 24/7 by arrangement.


F34 JET is available at the Heliport for all visiting and based helicopters.

Avgas 100LL is available from Manchester Barton Aerodrome.

Rotors running refuels are available on request


Our Heliport features 24 Hour security, access control and cctv ensuring the safety and security of the facility and our customers. As well as overnight parking, we can provide indoor hangar space ad-hoc on request or for longer term storage.

Customs & immigration

Manchester Heliport operates under the Manchester Barton Aerodrome Customs and Border Force Agreement allowing you peice of mind when you travel

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